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Three main pillars of our organization

We believe students can help create a better world

Our belief

Society is changing drastically. Complex changes, both globally and locally, call for intelligent and innovative solutions. We, the students, play a vital role in defining and implementing these solutions. To do so, we need to be equipped with the ambition, values and the tools to face these challenges to work towards creating a better and more sustainable world.

When we bridge students and the surrounding society

Our vision

The old police station at Frederiksberg will be rebuilt into a visionary and engaging Student and Innovation House, where students seek to break down silos, build bridges between students with different competencies and coupling student and the surrounding society to create collaboration across various sectors and academic fields. This includes private, public and civic actors and organizations.

Through a student driven platform for innovation

Our mission

In the house we will create a safe environment for sharing ideas, innovative thinking and application of academic skills for the students. This will be anchored in both the physical design, activities and partnerships of the House. We now invite you to join us in our goal to connect and empower students to break down silos and make an impact.

Our main goals

Retrofit of an old Policestation


The house has served as a police station from 1920 to 2012, situated right in the middle of Frederiksberg. This huge building of more than 3.000 square meters, with its numerous spacious and historic rooms, will now be transformed into a modern, sustainable space for inspiration, collaboration and work, that attracts innovation minded students and external collaborators.

Develop student driven organization


All activities are anchored in the student environment and are designed to generate positive impact in the world. The project is initiated and driven by students and for students. Therefore, both the development and the following operation of the house will naturally be anchored in the everyday life of students, who – as inhabitants and users – are defining the objectives and activities of the house.